The Scott Studio reopened in August 2020 after making many changes to the way we operate.


Sally Roberts continues to provide treatments and we are able to offer support to people with ongoing musculoskeletal or rehabilitation needs.


Until further notice we will not be running regular Pilates classes.


We can safely offer:

Treatments with Sally Roberts.
60 minute and 30 minute 1:1 sessions.

In some circumstances, it will be possible for two people who live together to share a 60 minute session.


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Please contact us by email or by phone 01963 350001 if you have any questions or to book an appointment.
Our Reception will not be routinely staffed to avoid crowding, but we will respond to your messages




Our approach is to provide our clients with the most appropriate movement advice and treatment for their individual needs.


• 1:1 sessions
• Functional movement advice
• Physiotherapy
• Clinical acupuncture


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Since 1997 Suzanne Scott has designed and delivered movement practitioner courses and workshops


For further information please contact Jock Scott by email


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